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Best Christmas Presents for Hot Wheels Fans

Hot Wheels are real fan favourites at Christmas time, and why shouldn’t they be! From the youngsters who crave the thrill of testing the aerodynamics of the latest Hot Wheels models, to the avid collector who keeps them in immaculate condition. Hot Wheels gifts can sometimes by tricky but no matter what, your gift will always go down well!

Kids Hot Wheels Gifts

For the youngsters, it’s usually a lot easier to find something that hits the spot. If they’re new to Hot Wheels, consider a set. Track sets, vehicle sets and combinations offer good value and give you enough to get going and have fun. If your child or relative youngster likes particular vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, shapes of car, colours, vehicle brands or body styles, it might be worth picking out a few individual vehicles which will compliment a track set.

For the experienced Hot Wheels prodigy, consider something from the premium Hot Wheels collection for Christmas. There are a range of popular fan favourites from franchises such as Fast & Furious to racing display showpieces from marques including Mercedes-Benz and Ford. It’s worth noting that the models in the Hot Wheels Premium series boast a higher level of detail and quality so you can be confident they’ll be getting an upgrade on what they’re used to.

Christmas Presents for Hot Wheels Collectors

Buying Christmas presents for Hot Wheels collectors may prove to be a little more challenging as the maturity of collections, attitudes towards collecting and personal preferences all vary, greatly! It’s worth pointing out that it’s possible you may end up getting something that already exists in their collection and should that happen, it may not actually be a problem at all. Some collectors have multiples of the same vehicle, again for various reasons. Some enjoy having a mint in box version and one that they can open, others look for Treasure Hunt versions (which are rare iterations of models which feature limited edition tweaks). The fact that you’ve picked something out that they already have only shows you were on the money with their collecting habits.

If possible try and get a look at the collection and maybe interrogate what they collect to give you some steer. Some collectors look for vehicles they’ve owned, some collect general vehicles they like, others have a more regimented theme such as a specific model or type. As an alternative spin, you could also look at storage or display solutions. Small acrylic cases for opened models or protector cases for carded models would always be welcome to keep the very best examples in top condition.

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